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Ferry 1 - Airport 0

A survey exlaining the feeling of passengers of ferry port

A recent survey of passengers using the Port of Dover indicates that ferry travel is getting a positive reaction in comparison to airports where passengers are experiencing queues, delays and surcharges. The recent survey, conducted among travellers taking cars abroad found that luggage handling, security checks and check-in procedures were just some of the areas where ferries won out over the airlines. Nine out of 10 respondents said luggage handling and security checks were easier, with nearly eight out of 10 saying ferry ports were more flexible than airports and seven out of 10 saying costs were better for ferries.

As shipping companies struggle with rising fuel costs and surcharges, ferries are rated less likely to incur surcharges and experience delays and cancellations. According to the Port of Dover, the only areas where airports scored higher than ferry ports were for shopping and catering.


Source: Lloyd's list

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