Innovative freighter for containers and other cargo




Innovative freighter for containers and other cargo

New type of container ship...
Innovación Logí­stica SL is a logistic engineering company operating from Galicia/Spain owned by a group of renowned Spanish Companies and investors with logistic consultancy background.

Innovación Logística SL is focusing on innovative transport media from door-to-door implementing the "Motorways of the Sea" program of the European Commission.

The company is currently investigating a promising concept of a patented Catamaran style Container Ship with on-board loading equipment and very low fuel consumption. The next step would see the construction of a real-scale experimental prototype to set the bases for a new European Standard Freighter. Large scale production should start after 2010.

The goal is to serve small and medium size European and African Ports with reliable routes and provide feeder service to the Mega-Terminals and River-Ports.

Please find promotional video here.

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