Marco Polo update




Marco Polo update

New informations concerning the call 2008

2008 Call: 31 projects shortlisted for approval

Following a thorough technical and financial evaluation, a shortlist of 31 projects pertaining to the 2008 Call is ready to be put forward for the approval of the EACI Director and the Commission's Energy & Transport DG. Negotiations will start over the summer period. A more detailed breakdown of the proposed projects by transport mode shows as follows:
• 59% railway
• 20.5% combined railway and shipping
• 18% motorways of the sea and short-sea shipping
• 2.5% inland waterways

2007 Call: €50 million worth of grants to be awarded

The negotiation of the 2007 fundable Marco Polo projects is nearing its end: further to the approval of the Marco Polo Committee and the European Parliament, 23 contracts for a total value of around €50 million will be submitted to the European Commission's final approval by July 15. The first contract signatures are expected to occur over the summer period.
2007 call: 50 million euro worth of subsidies to be allocated

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