New traffic for LD Lines to Portsmouth




New traffic for LD Lines to Portsmouth

Hundreds of new Citroen C5 models are pouring into Portsmouth port each week, almost trebling the volume of car freight

Import firm Gefco has chosen Portsmouth as the sole UK venue for importing the french luxury cars, with at least 500 rolling off the LD Lines Norman Spirit ferry each week. Previously the cars would have been transported on dedicated car ships, but now GEFCO has opted to use space on the large ro-ro ferry of LD Lines. Although the port is awaiting a firm contract, freight volume is expected to continue at the same rate until a binding deal is signed.

The upsurge in Citroen freight follows two trial runs in March and May, when Gefco sent batches of vehicles through to test the port's ability to handle the cargo. Ferry Port manager Phil Gadd said: 'Of course it's of benefit to us because it's an increase in trade. It helps to underpin the new ship LD Lines are introducing in November. It's a space-filler. 'The clinching factor is the location of the port and because the trials proved we can handle them very efficiently and keep up quality control standards, because maintaining the cars in good condition is the critical consideration.

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